Best Vibes Village
Best Vibes Village

Welcome to Best Vibes Village

A Self-Discovery Space Designed to Better Navigate & Thrive in a World Not Designed for Us.

We are a resource hub for the often overlooked dynamic thinkers and inspired creatives who are committed to discovering, navigating, and thriving together in world not designed for us! 

This is a community of people who are...

fed up by the constant rubs from trying to squeeze into someone else's mold-committed to releasing outside expectations-eager to be true to ourselves and discover our authentic way of whole life thriving.

We Invite You To: 

Our virtual resource community, where you will find-

⇢A focused, self-guided, and safe space designed by a neuro-dynamic person for other diverse and abstract thinkers

⇢Bite-sized insights, inspirations, and practical posts designed for the thoughtful and easily distracted minds

⇢A blend of hard science, gentle guidance, firm reminders, hands-on tools, and real-life hacks to better manage the messiness of everyday living.

So YOU CAN comfortably and confidently be AUTHENTICALLY YOU- knowing you have the support of a village full of other visionaries  who are also discovering, navigating, and thriving together in world that is not designed for us!
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Is Best Vibes Village for you????

Are you often tongue-tied (even silently to yourself) when asked to explain....

  • What are your next steps?
  • What took so long?
  • What is getting in your way?
  • What makes you special? 

Are you ready to have answers and be laser-focused on what matters most to you?

Are you ready to discover, leverage, and depend on your skills & strengths to do more of what naturally excites you?

Are you ready to belong in a community that inspires you to confidently take the lead, achieve your goals, and stay true to yourself?

⇢If you are nodding your head and saying "YES" out loud then...


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 What other Best Vibes Village Members say: 

It's so helpful to have other people to be honest with-

This space continues to evolve so much since I joined and it makes me feel good to know as an entrepreneur that it's ok to change and try something new too-

⇢If reasons like these sound important to you then... 


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Best Vibes Village Believes 

Too many brilliant people and ideas have been snuffed out from the pressures of outside expectations, people's judgement, and society's strict status quo. 
We are NOT meant to spend our lives struggling trying to keep up, fit in, or hide our alternative ways of thinking.
Together, in this self-guided, and non-judgemental space designed for us-we CAN start now by being curious about ourselves to discover our strengths to better manage our weaknesses.
→We CAN WORK WITH OUR UNIQUELY WIRED BRAINS to learn personalized tricks proven by research backed ways to be efficient and effective in navigating this traditional world that isn't designed for curious, diverse, or creative people like us!

Best Vibes Village is here to bring YOU the tools, structure, and support so you can easily navigate and successfully THRIVE in this world not designed for us.

Best Vibes Village's space is simple. 
Our FREE village community provides you a self-guided space focused on learning more about YOU!
Best Vibes Village's approach is straightforward.
B.V.V. is all about going deeper into your OWN understanding of self. This community provides you ways to develop your self-awareness so you can clearly identify your strengths and honestly address your weakness to take the lead of YOUR life and thrive!
Best Vibes Village is here when you are ready.
If you are curious to learn more you will find premium tools, programs, and coaching to purchase inside our Village.  It is up to YOU!

Though our free community is self-guided-you are NOT alone~You now have this village to count on as your base camp for your self-discovery journey!

Not yet ready to join a community BUT curious to know more about yourself?

We Invite You to take our Self-Discovery Quiz:

⇢ Deep dive with over 120+ research informed questions 

⇢ Personalized insights on your strengths, style of processing/thinking, and in-depth overview of your 9 primary types of intelligence

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Elevate YOUR Smarts*Style*Self Coming Soon! 🚀

Private Membership for an interactive social community to elevate your Strengths, Styles, & Smarts with others. 

Soon this interactive workspace is where you will begin to re-define "Intelligence", push back on the exclusive and limiting mainstream labeling of "different thinkers", "Right or Wrong answers" and embrace the true definition of being  "Naturally Smart" to more clearly expose some of your own limiting beliefs, re-imagine, and actually maximize your unique brilliance! 

This Elevated Self-Discovery Space Includes:

⇢Interactive prompts, practices, and work pages for greater self-reflection

⇢Monthly Self-Discovery Quizzes

⇢ In-depth insights on your strengths, style of processing/thinking, and primary types of intelligences

This is a virtual playground (Coming Soon!) where you will have full access to hands-on tools, additional personalized quizzes, and research-backed resources so that you can explore and learn new ways to Strengthen and Celebrate the valuable ways you do you with others just like YOU!