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Best Vibes Village is a free public community for values-driven adults excited to Learn, Connect, and Uplift Together! 

This is a community of people who are...

 committed to living, sharing, and leading authentically.

We Invite You to:

⇢A FREE virtual resource community with an interactive social feed.

⇢Content that includes: member spotlights, info for personal and professional growth, and networking opportunities.

⇢Hosted events for connecting, learning, and uplifting together.

So YOU and YOUR Goals can FLOURISH by knowing you belong to a village full of other visionaries ready to connect, learn, and be inspired Together!
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 Other Best Vibes Village Members shared reasons like: 

It's so helpful to have other people to be honest with-

This space continues to evolve so much since I joined and it makes me feel good to know as an entrepreneur that it's ok to change and try something new too-

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 Best Vibes Village can meaningfully support you⇢when YOU KNOW what YOU VALUE the most.

Prioritizing your personal core values is key to maximizing the support you'll have at Best Vibes Village

Would you like to have more support in achieving your values-driven goals?

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Best Vibes Village Now!

⇢ We'll achieve more together

⇢Collaboration over competition

⇢Your success=Our Village's success

⇢It starts with you

We are confident more goals will be achieved when you know what your personal values are.  

And this is why...

We Invite You to the Free Self-Guided 5-Day Challenge⇢To Clarify YOUR Values

What you can expect:

⇢No pressure-daily prompts for deeper self-reflection

⇢Private community space with others only  focused on clarifying personal values

⇢Resources that include: self-reflecting worksheets, readings, videos, and hands-on activities.

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So YOU can challenge yourself to achieve more targeted transformations in your personal, professional, or parenting life. 

Programs at Best Vibes Village are designed to encourage you to stay curious, to wonder "why" and always lean into learning more about YOU!

Ever wondered WHY you are...

You are NOT alone~You now have this village to count on in your self-discovery journey.

If you would like to feel more self-confident about the unique ways you are wired

We Invite You to take our Self-Discovery Quiz:

⇢ Deep dive with over 120+ research informed questions 

⇢ Personalized insights on your strengths, style of processing/thinking, and in-depth overview of your primary type of intelligence

⇢ Access to a resource space with easy-to-understand research, videos, and  other helpful info

⇢Examples of real-life ways you can more easily set yourself up for success using your natural strengths in personal, professional, parenting, and leadership.

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You'll get: 
⇢Immediate results 
⇢ Access to focused resource space designed for personal growth for the rest of 2023
⇢Invitations to any self-discovery events with a community of others

Elevate YOUR Smarts*Style*Self Coming Soon! 🚀

Private Membership for an interactive social community to elevate your Strengths, Styles, & Smarts with others. Join the Waitlist Now!

This is an interactive workspace where you will begin to redefine "Intelligence", push back on the exclusive and limiting mainstream labeling of "different thinkers", "Right or Wrong answers" and  "Naturally Smart" to more clearly expose some of your own limiting beliefs, reimagine, and actually maximize your unique brilliance! 

This Elevated Self-Discovery Space Includes:

⇢Interactive prompts, practices, and printables for greater self-reflection

⇢Monthly Self-Discovery Quizzes

⇢ In-depth insights on your strengths, style of processing/thinking, and primary types of intelligences

This is a virtual playground where you will have full access to hands-on tools, additional personalized quizzes, and research-backed resources so that you can explore and learn new ways to Strengthen and Celebrate the valuable way you do you with others just like YOU!

Other Exciting Programs Launching Soon🚀✨

21-Days to Focus on Purpose!

How to shift from feeling frustrated to fiercely productive with a passion that moves you forward!

Personally, Professionally, or Just to Push yourself Past Procrastination!

 This 21-Day Bootcamp Challenge is designed for motivated  Do-ers & Entrepreneurs (like you) on a mission to get out of cruise control and zip into their “fast-track” where tasks move straight to the “done-zo lane” and procrastination is left in the dust!

You are the Driver in this 21-Day Challenge


You will have full access to:

 ⇢24/7 to a real-life community with a focused activity feed

⇢Scheduled events 

⇢Evidence-backed resources 

⇢Personal support for greater perspective when setbacks, bumps, and unexpected surprises happen along the way!

Throughout this guided program

You will be aligning YOUR goals with personal insights to push past procrastination and prioritize accomplishments. 

You will be learning how YOU BEST get things done. 

You will be developing and practicing YOUR own personalized roadmap for achievement.

Best of all...

 You'll be getting ahead of procrastination now & in the future!

Are YOU interested in more direct engagement with other doers and entrepreneurs?

Are YOU looking for a peer group you can count on for accountability, structure, and focus with weekly hosted events that support meaningful relationships to inspire and motivate YOU to confidently do more? 

If you answer “YES!” to these questions then we enthusiastically Welcome YOU to join the WAITLIST  for the private monthly paid membership that is  Focused on PEERS, MENTORS, and HOSTED EVENTS for Doers & Entrepreneurs Like YOU

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Join the Essential Level Membership where Visionaries-Like YOU- Gather, Grow, and seriously Get More Done Together.  

Are YOU Motivated To Dig Deeper and Elevate Higher?

Elevated Membership provides YOU the next level of deep self-development growth by discovering what REALLY makes YOU a Dynamic Doer and Leader.

As an Elevated member, You'll have ALL ACCESS!

⇢ Full access to all the live events with YOUR Pals in the Essential Level 

 Plus exclusive access to all the personal growth content and programming inside of Best Vibes Village to inspire YOUR Self-Guided Journey.

⇢Custom research-backed content designed for YOU to Explore and better understand YOUR unique way of processing, expressing, leading, and getting stuff done. 

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Elevated Level Membership includes all access to the Peers, Mentors, and Events, All uniquely focused on YOUR Personal, Professional & Leadership Growth.